Hearing aids for seniors (HEAR 4 U)

A Hearing Aid Assistance Program

What is the HEAR 4 U program?
The HEAR 4 U program provides digital hearing aids for deaf and hard of hearing senior citizens age 65 or older, who reside in Jefferson County, Alabama and who meet specific medical and financial criteria.

Do you qualify for the HEAR 4 U program?

Income Guideline Chart (Word doc)

Income: Candidates must have a NET household income equal to or less than the guidelines above. A “household” is defined as the number of people financially dependent on each other. A “household income” is calculated by adding the net incomes of all household members together.

Residency: Candidates must be residents of Jefferson County, Alabama.

Age: Candidates must be 65 years of age or older.

OSCS: Candidates must receive services through the Jefferson County Office of Senior Citizens Services.

Hearing Loss: Candidates must have difficulty hearing. The hearing loss may be previously diagnosed or simply suspected.

Medical Clearance: Candidates must have their ears examined by a physician and should be treated for any medical conditions that could adversely affect hearing levels prior to submitting an application.

Application: Candidates must complete and submit an application for approval.

Commitment Fee: Candidates must submit a $25.00 fee with the application to demonstrate their willingness to participate in the program.

Hearing Evaluation: Once an application has been approved, a complete hearing evaluation will be scheduled to confirm the hearing loss and its severity. Recommendations regarding hearing aid use will be made upon completion of the evaluation.

What expenses are covered by the HEAR 4 U program?
For those individuals who meet all of the requirements and are diagnosed with a hearing loss for which hearing aids are recommended, HEAR 4 U will cover the cost of the following:

  • A complete hearing evaluation;
  • One or two digital hearing aids (based on the recommendation);
  • A one year supply of hearing aid batteries; and
  • Two follow-up office visits.

Who should you contact for more information?
For more information about the HEAR 4 U program, please contact:
Alabama Ear Institute
(205) 879-4234

For more information about senior citizens services, please contact:
Jefferson County Office of Senior Citizens Services
(205) 325-1416

HEAR 4 U is made possible by the generous support of the following organizations:

Canterbury United Methodist Church Lucille Beeson Committee
Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham
Daniel Foundation of Alabama
Matthew 6:2 Advised Fund
Robert R. Meyer Foundation
Sam’s Club