Alabama School for Hearing

“The Alabama School for Hearing is committed to seeing that every child who is born deaf or hard of hearing has the opportunity to hear and develop spoken language”

The Alabama School for Hearing is the newest service of the Alabama Ear Institute. The school mission statement says it all.

Advances in hearing technology (digital hearing aids, cochlear implants) now provide the opportunity for children born with hearing loss to develop hearing and spoken language skills comparable to their hearing peers. Since 95% of all children born with hearing loss are born to hearing parents the number of families choosing a spoken language approach increases each year.

Alabama School for Hearing begins pre-school classes

Alabama School for Hearing begins pre-school classes

A long held dream of Dr. Robert L. Baldwin (founder and director of the Alabama Ear Institute) and Dr. Audie Woolley (Medical Director, Cochlear Implant Program, Children’s Hospital, Birmingham, AL), the Alabama School for Hearing concentrates on providing a complete educational setting for pre-school children with hearing loss choosing spoken language.

When faced with the challenge of a location for our school, the Canterbury United Methodist Church in Mountain Brook, AL embraced our mission and has graciously provided classroom space and support services.

Utilizing an Auditory/Oral approach and providing individual Auditory-Verbal therapy
(A-V) sessions for children in an A-V approach, activities are designed to teach spoken language, cognition and auditory skills and include circle time activities, theme-based learning, music and personal/social skill development. The entire day is based on developmentally appropriate activities for typically developing preschool children while accelerating their spoken language skills. Instruction will not involve any type of manual or visual communication.

Research confirms that children utilizing a spoken language approach have the ability to enter mainstreamed classrooms with the language and reading skills comparable to hearing students. The objective of the Alabama School for Hearing is to prepare our students with the background to enter these classrooms with the skills required to succeed.

Classes are taught by two LSLS Certified Auditory Verbal Therapists who are also licensed Speech Language Pathologists. Each is highly skilled with many years working with children with hearing loss and their families in a spoken language approach. Trained paraprofessionals provide additional support with daily classroom activities.

The Education Administrator for the school has a Master’s degree in Deaf Education and more than twenty five years experience administering specialized educational programs.

Opened In 2009, The Alabama School for Hearing is the only such school located in Alabama.