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“School’s out for summer!”

Alabama School for Hearing celebrates end of Summer Session

Students and family members recently enjoyed pizza and cake as they celebrated the end of the 2011 summer session.  Giving families and siblings an opportunity to network and share experiences, this was a wonderful way to bring to a climax the end of a exciting and enjoyable time of learning and fun shared by our students through the last six weeks.

This summer, we had 20 students representing various levels of listening and spoken language development.  Students were divided into three classes where daily activities focused on improving their auditory and language skills.  No manual form of communication is utilized in daily instruction.   All classroom teachers are Master’s Degree Speech-Language Pathologists with two being LSLS Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapists.  In addition to group classroom activities, students were also provided individual Auditory-Verbal Therapy which focused on each of their specific needs and goals.  Parents were also given weekly updates with vocabulary and reading exercises for home application.

Our students worked hard and are “on track for spoken language” as many prepare to enter mainstream kindergarten classes this fall.  The Alabama School for Hearing is honored to have completed our third summer session and looks forward  to another stimulating school year.

ASH Summer Luncheon

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